20 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Eminem.

20 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Eminem.


16/20. Eminem drew criticism from the gay community (including musicians) for “homophobic” lyrics, and defended himself by saying he was speaking in character, not from his own perspective.

17/20. Marshall first became inspired to rap when he discovered The Beastie Boys’ 1986 classic album, Licensed to Ill, and competed in freestyle rap battles at a high school nearby.

18/20. His different names represent different Personas. He told Spin magazine “Slim Shady is the name for my temper or Anger. Eminem is just the rapper, Slim Shady is the attitude behind him, and Marshall Mathers is who I am at the end of the day.”

19/20. The one book he has read cover to cover, more than once, is LL Cool J’s I Make My Own Rules. A big LL fan, Eminem says the 1998 autobiography is the only book he’s read that wasn’t just read to him as a child.

20/20. After looking at 93 top artists in over 25 genres of music, a study found that Eminem had the widest vocabulary. Coming in hot at a whopping 8,818 unique words used, Eminem topped Jay Z (6,899 unique words), Tupac (6,569 unique words), Kanye (5,069 unique words), and Bob Dylan (4,883 unique words). [read more about it here]

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