Psychologists Talk About The 'Red Flag' Patients Who Truly Terrified Them.

Psychologists Talk About The ‘Red Flag’ Patients Who Truly Terrified Them.


I was performing his initial evaluation and, like many new doctors, I asked him every conceivable question. When I got to the ‘Social History’ part, I asked about how his wife had died.

He ran up, got inches from my face, and coldly stated: “They say I’m pretty good with a knife.”

The way he said it, for whatever reason, made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight.

Then he abruptly announced that the “f’ing interview” was over and was escorted to his room.

It was only later that staff informed me that his wife had died several years before. Her body was found in a wooded area carved up into little pieces and piled in a neat mound. The killer had (and has still) never been apprehended.

-Michael Anthony

3/8. Long ago, I worked in a psychiatric hospital. We worked rotations and usually did six months in one ward. One day someone didn’t show up to work, so they took me out of my usual rotation and put me in the most dangerous ward in the hospital.

The outside of this place was surrounded by a 10-foot fence with razor wire at the top. It was one of the only locked wards. These were long-term patients, most of whom suffered from severe psychosis. Most of them were also criminals.

The other nurses in this section were all very big, strong males. I was a small, young woman, but for some reason, I was told to go outside to supervise the patients.

I was sitting next to a rather large female patient, and decided to politely ask why she was in the ward. That was a mistake. (continued…)

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